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In the vibrant tapestry of our city's leadership, Mayor Steve Breitkreuz stands as a beacon of integrity, vision, and compassion. 

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About Me

"My Background: Driven by Purpose, Rooted in Community."

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My family and I have had the pleasure of living in Southwest Ranches for the past 29 years. When we moved here, Denise and I were looking for that special place to raise our 3 girls. A place with open spaces and a rural feel. A place where they could experience the benefits of caring for animals, both large and small. A place with minimum interference from local government. Only one place fulfilled this dream; it was this town which we all know as Southwest Ranches.

The Issues

From Concerns to Action: Making a Difference, Every Step of the Way.

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Rural Life Style

Above all we need to protect our rural lifestyle for the generations to come.  Too often, a move away from our rural lifestyle seems small and inconsequential.

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Waste to energy Plant

One of the challenges that our part of the County faces is related to what is to be done with our garbage.  This is a growing challenge.

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Code Enforcement

Code enforcement is a balance.  I, like many of you, moved out to this community looking for relief from HOA rules and an oppressive code enforcement team.

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Charter Amendments

I co-authored the two Charter Amendments that were overwhelmingly approved by the residents.  Along with one other Council Member, we proposed and developed the wording of these two charter amendments.

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Property Rights

At times we have seen a number of troubling cases come before Code Enforcement which has ultimately turned into litigation.  This is litigation between the Town and a resident.

Building a Better Community, One Donation at a Time: Support Your Mayor's Vision.

Latest News

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